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Work Related Accidents

A large number of personal injuries occur in the workplace. Some of these accidents and injuries include:

  • Injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents
  • Injuries caused by defective products or machinery
  • Injuries caused by falls or other unsafe or defective workplace conditions or equipment
  • Construction accidents and injuries caused by tools, machinery, equipment such as ladders and scaffolding, and other unsafe working environments
  • Injuries that result from the improper or unsafe implementation of industry standards and regulations, or the failure to follow such standards and regulations
  • Injuries that result from the failure to properly supervise and oversee the work being performed
  • Injuries suffered by workers because of unguarded machinery or defective equipment

Often times an injured worker can file a claim for workers’ compensation and is entitled to collect compensation without being required to establish fault or negligence. Often times, however, an injured worker can also pursue a claim against a third party seeking compensation for their injuries and damages, in addition to whatever workers’ compensation they may be entitled to receive. In other cases there is no workers’ compensation insurance coverage available, but recourse to other responsible parties and their insurance coverage.

Work Related Accidents Boston MA Attorney
There are a wide range of possibilities, scenarios, and parties who may be responsible for the damages suffered by someone who is injured while in the course of their employment. There are also complex issues concerning the interrelationship with other potential sources of benefits such as workers’ compensation, third party insurance, and social security, to name but a few. For these reasons it is important that you seek competent, professional, and experienced legal representation so that you understand your rights and the damages that you are entitled to recover, and from what parties or insurers to seek damages against.

Damages that you may be entitled to recover in a third party claim or lawsuit can include pain and suffering, medical expenses incurred to date or reasonably likely to be incurred in the future; disability and impairment; scarring and disfigurement; and lost wages and diminution in your ability to earn income in the future.

If you have been involved in an accident at work or while in the course of your employment, and would like a consultation to determine whether or not you might be entitled to compensation, please contact Attorney Dunn. He has over thirty years of experience handling the cases of injured workers, primarily in third party claims.


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