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Sexual Abuse Boston MA Attorney
Victims of sexual assault or abuse are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries, including emotional and psychological injury sustained as a result. Damages also include medical expenses (past and future), lost wages incurred to date and in the future, and pain and suffering. These claims, unlike negligence claims, generally involve intentional misconduct and involve young children and others who are taken advantage of by an older person or a person in a position of “authority.”

Attorney Dunn has handled cases involving children abused while involved in community group programs and mentally disabled individuals who have been abused by others. These cases require sensitivity, the involvement of professionals, and interactions with health care providers to ensure that fair compensation is received. Ideally, pursing a claim also ensures that the conduct of the perpetrator or organizations that allow such criminal behavior to occur under their watch are held accountable.


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My 11 year old boy was the victim of a predatory adult, who was able to get himself hired without appropriate background checks by the agency that he provided volunteer services for. Attorney Dunn placed my son’s needs first and provided very professional and caring legal representation. He was also able to obtain evaluations by some of the most recognized counselors in the city to assist him in his preparation of our case. When it came time to discuss a resolution of the case, Attorney Dunn provided thoughtful and reasoned advice, sharing his opinion on the value of the case, and kept me informed from start to finish.

– Mother of young boy who was the victim of a sexual assault


Our teenage son, who was mentally handicapped, was sexually abused while in the custody of a group home. Because of our son’s disability, and the lack of eyewitnesses who were not similarly handicapped, proving our son’s case presented challenges. Attorney Dunn investigated our claim thoroughly, gathered the evidence that was needed, and handled our son’s case in a way that protected his interests, enabled him to be safeguarded from further abuse going forward, and at the same time obtain compensation for the emotional injuries that our son suffered.

– Parents of disabled by who was sexually abused


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