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Products liability is the area of law that holds designers, manufacturers and suppliers accountable to consumers and others who have suffered an injury caused by defects and hazards in the products they market. The purpose of products liability law is to ensure that the costs of injuries resulting from defective products are borne by those who place such defective products on the market. Sometimes product liability cases involve products whose design is defective or unsafe; some cases involve products whose design is acceptable, but the warnings or instructions for safe use are inadequate; other cases involve products whose design is acceptable, but the product was not manufactured in accordance with the design drawings or material specifications. There are different theories on which a products liability claim may be based, including negligence, breach of warranty and strict liability. The determination whether one of these theories of recovery

applies often requires the involvement of experts such as engineers, scientists, and other specialists; review of product literate such as assembly documents, instruction sheets, and warnings; and inspection and study of the product involved.

If you or somebody in your family has suffered a serious personal injury and damage due to a product that you believe was unsafe or defective, please contact Attorney Dunn for a consultation. After consultation with you, Attorney Dunn can determine whether you may have a meritorious legal claim that it is in your best interest to pursue.

Product liability and defective products that Attorneys Dunn has handled for clients include: defective or unsafe industrial machinery and equipment such as printing presses, packaging and assembly machinery, forklifts, motor vehicle tires, gym equipment, helmets, scaffolding and staging, unguarded machinery, power tools, loading docks, log splitters, household appliances, and industrial cleaning equipment.


For a sample of recent product liability cases handled by Attorney Dunn


I suffered an injury when a piece of gym equipment collapsed on my hand, causing a significant hand injury that required surgery and left me with a permanent disability and loss of function. The owner of the facility blamed the accident on me, essentially because I was a middle aged woman who they thought probably should not have been using the equipment. Attorney Dunn investigated my case and went to the facility where my accident occurred, knowing exactly what he suspected to find as the cause of my accident. Still missing was the heavy gauge spring, which was supposed to have been in place and serve the purpose of preventing the equipment from collapsing, and crushing my hand. Attorney Dunn photographed the equipment himself, and showed the facility the design drawings and parts list to prove that their equipment was not properly assembled and maintained.

– Client who suffered injury as a result of defectively assembled and maintained gym equipment


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