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For over 30 years Attorney Dunn has been handling motor vehicle accident claims. These include, most commonly, automobile accidents, as well as motorcycle and bicycle accidents. If you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident either as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, and you have suffered injuries, you may be entitled to file a claim to recover damages from the person or entity responsible for causing the accident. Most often this compensation is paid by the insurance company that provides insurance coverage for the person at fault. Very often you may be entitled to recover no-fault benefits for medical expenses and lost wages from your own insurance company (also called “PIP” or “Personal Injury Protection Benefits”). In some cases you may also be able to receive medical payments (also called “Med Pay”) from your insurance company.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Boston MA
In order to collect for pain and suffering damages, scarring and disfigurement, impairment and disability, it will be necessary to pursue a claim against the person(s) responsible for your accident and/or their insurance company. Sometimes you may also be entitled to receive compensation for your damages from your own insurance company for the injury and damages that you suffer. Keep in mind that it is to the benefit of the insurance companies to pay as little as possible to you, as they are in the business of saving money for their stockholders and executives. Insurance companies are not in the business of paying fair and reasonable compensation to those who have been injured and have meritorious claims unless forced to do so. In order for you to have a fighting chance, it is important that you have competent, experienced and professional legal representation.

If you or somebody in your family has suffered a serious personal injury and damage due to a motor vehicle accident, please contact Attorney Dunn for a consultation. After consultation, and in most cases a review of relevant documents such as police and accidents reports, photographs, and medical records, Attorney Dunn can determine whether he believes you may have a meritorious legal claim that is in your best interest to pursue.

Motor vehicle accident cases that Attorney Dunn has handled include: intersectional collisions, accidents caused by intoxicated drivers, motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents, accidents in cross walks, accidents caused by excessive speed, or use of a cell phone, bicyclists knocked from their bikes by car doors, motorcyclists struck by inattentive drivers, accidents caused by improperly parked vehicles, accidents caused by a failure to yield or stay within the appropriate travel lane of a roadway, and a wide array of cases involving the unsafe use of a motor vehicle in violation of the rules of the road.

Things to keep in mind if you have been injured:

  • Be very careful before you agree to ‘sign up’ with a lawyer who solicits you or a family member by phone or mail on the heels of a tragedy. This “business practice” in my opinion is extremely unprofessional and distasteful. You have time to speak with a lawyer and should avail yourself of this opportunity. Speak and meet with as many attorneys as you desire, and take your time selecting one that is professional, experienced, and competent. Select an attorney who has an excellent reputation and who will place your needs first, rather than their own financial bottom line. Additionally you should select a lawyer who you feel comfortable with and who you will be able to work well with, because without a good relationship the end result will likely suffer.
  • Be very careful when contacted by any insurance company who often times will want to obtain a written or recorded statement from you prior to when you have had the opportunity to seek legal representation. Very often, providing this information without proper legal representation will work to your disadvantage.

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