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For over 30 years Attorney Dunn has been handling medical malpractice cases. These cases are often complex, time consuming, and difficult to successfully prosecute. Therefore, they require a high degree of experience and expertise. A combination of thorough research and expert testimony from within the medical community are key components to a successful malpractice claim. Over the many years that Attorney Dunn has been handling medical malpractice claims, he has gained the respect of his colleagues on the defense bar representing physicians and hospitals, as well as the insurance companies that provide coverage for such claims. By devoting the time and resources necessary to meticulously review medical records and consult with leading medical experts in their respective fields, Attorney Dunn has been able to determine those cases that are meritorious, and he has been able to consistently achieve the most favorable outcomes for his clients.

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Briefly, medical malpractice, or more appropriately, medical negligence, is essentially the failure of a physician or other health care professional to provide treatment that meets the standard of care of the average qualified practitioner in the specific field of medicine at issue. In addition to physicians and hospitals, other health care providers such as nurses, physician assistants, technicians and others who are involved in providing medical services, have the same responsibility to provide acceptable care to the patients whose treatment they are involved with. The failure to provide treatment that meets the standard of care must cause injury, death, or damages to the patient. Deviations from the accepted standard of care, or medical errors, often include a failure to make the correct diagnosis, failure to make a timely diagnosis, delayed treatment, surgical errors, improperly read x-rays or other test results, medication errors, or rendering incorrect or unnecessary treatment. Medical malpractice or negligence claims generally occur in hospitals, doctor offices, surgical rooms, nursing homes, and pharmacies.

If you or somebody in your family has suffered a serious personal injury, wrongful death or other damages, and you believe it is a result of medical malpractice, please contact Attorney Dunn for a consultation. After consultation, and a review of medical documents, and if necessary review by the appropriate medical experts, Attorney Dunn can determine whether he believes you may have a meritorious legal claim that it is in your best interest to pursue.


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Attorney Dunn has successfully pursued cases in a wide variety of medical specialties, including: fetal medicine and obstetrics, genetics, infertility, gynecology, orthopedics, sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, radiology, neurology, neurosurgery, internal medicine, family practice, emergency medicine, anesthesia, plastic reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, head and neck surgery, dermatology, infectious disease, pediatrics, podiatry, cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery, failure to remove surgical instruments or other foreign objects, surgeries involving the wrong extremity, pathology, otolaryngology, geriatrics, nursing home care, dental, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.


Thank you for working so hard for me, and believing in my case. I know this was a difficult case, and that medical malpractice cases can be very difficult to win. Your research and the exceptionally well-credentialed medical experts whose opinions you obtained to review my case enabled me to receive a settlement that I know I would not have been able to obtain without your strong support. It was a long and difficult journey, and although the money I received will never make things right, there is satisfaction in knowing that you believed in my case and we were able to prove that I had not received appropriate care…

– Young woman who sustained injuries due to a surgical error


Our father died while being treated in a nursing home as a result of medical care that members of our family believed was unacceptable. Attorney Dunn investigated the underlying cause of our father’s death, and he obtained the services of several highly regarded medical experts to offer their opinions. The representation we received was not only excellent, but Attorney Dunn was sensitive to our loss and the profound effect that the death had on our mother as well as his children.

– Family whose wrongful death resulted from unacceptable medical care


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