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Injuries Suffered by Seniors and the Elderly


As our population ages, there is a greater need for representation of the elderly, who often times are ignored for no valid reason other than their advanced age. Some lawyers are not interested in accepting cases of the elderly for this reason. Insurance companies often take advantage of the elderly, assuming in many cases correctly, that they will be unwilling to pursue a claim or wait until fair compensation has been offered to them.

The legal system can be complex, even for lawyers, and often times the elderly are unaware of their rights, or where and who to turn to when they have been injured. They also assume that hiring a lawyer, or exercising their rights to obtain compensation, is too expensive. Attorney Dunn has represented the elderly in a variety of personal injury contexts over the course of his career, including cases of nursing home neglect or abuse, poor surgical outcomes due to malpractice, falls, and unfair business practices preying on the elderly.

Generally it is a family member, a son or daughter, who contacts Attorney Dunn. After a consultation and review of all relevant documents, Attorney Dunn can determine whether grounds exist to file a claim.


When you accepted my case you dealt with many adversities – my age, my vision and my failure to get the name and address of an important witness. I appreciated your patience and willingness to deal with all of these factions… thank you for everything that you did on my behalf. You are a great attorney, an outstanding person and I shall always be grateful to you for accepting my case…

– Elderly client in her late 80’s who sustained injury as a result of a fall


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